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ESS Manager Single Sign-On

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Step 1: Ensure the Cyber Recruiter WebConfig is up to date 

Step 2: Match User Account to ESS Account

For managers who want to login to Cyber Recruiter from ESS, their Cyber Recruiter user id’s under User Security must match EXACTLY to the ESS user ID. 

There are two option for adding new users.

  1. If using the Import Users option, make sure that the User ID for the new user matches EXACTLY the ESS user ID.
  2. If manually adding a user, use the Add New User option instead of the Copy User option. In the Add New User option. the User ID field is a hyperlink. Click on the hyperlink and enter in the name of the employee and press the Find button (or just press the Find button). This will direct Cyber Recruiter to search though the ESS listing for the employee's login information and it will connect the two systems.   If the connection is also being made to link the Employee view of ESS. This step keeps you from having to ask the person “What did you make up for your ESS user id so I can make an equivalent CR login?”. The person will be in Cyber Recruiter as an applicant with their ESS login attached to that record and this process will connect the user account to the applicant record so both can use the same credentials.

For any existing user, edit the user account. The User ID is a hyperlink field. Click on the hyperlink to change the User ID and manually change it to match what is currently in the list of user in ESS. 

Step 3: Create ESS Content Web Links

  1. Login to ESS as a master user
  2. Go to Custom Content/Create Web Links
  3. Click on +New
  4. For both the name and description type in Recruiting
  5. For the URL, type in the URL to your Cyber Recruiter site’s Default.aspx page (if you do not include this - SSO will not work), for example:
  7. Set Single Sign-On to Yes and click Save

STEP 4: Create ESS Menu Option

  1. Go to Create Custom Menu
  2. Choose where in the menu you’d like users to see the Recruiting option and click New
  3. For Menu Name, type whatever you’d like the link to say when ESS users login
  4. For Navigate To, choose the Recruiting link you made in Step 1
  5. For target window, choose New IE Window. Cyber Recruiter is too wide to be displayed within the ESS frame.
  6. Click Save

STEP 5: Specifiy the ESS Employer

  1. Go to System Settings/Employer Setup
  2. Choose the company you are setting this link up for, or Enterprise if your company is defaulting to the Enterprise setup
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Recruiting option under the Custom header
  4. Set that item to View
  5. Click Save

ESS users should now be able to login and see a link for Recruiting that will automatically log them into Cyber Recruiter and take them to their home page.

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