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Applying the First Time (Creating a Profile)

NOTE: The Online Application process in Cyber Recruiter is highly configurable (the order of the pages, the messages on the page, the fields shown, etc.).  The process described below is based on Visibility Software's "Best Practices" system where a "Professional" level product with the advanced resume extraction feature turned on is used.  For complete options regarding this section please reference the setup section for the Online Application 

Page 1: Upload a Resume
This process starts with an upload of the Resume which is read for content. The remaining pages of the application are designed to allow for review, adjustments and to provide additional information which was NOT gathered from the resume.

Start by uploading a resume  (Word DOC, DOCX or non-image PDF files work the best).

Page 1- Support: Contact Verification
When a resume is uploaded, if the information necessary for duplicate checking is not in the resume, a page will appear requesting this information prior to continuing. 

Page 2: Contact Information
This page captures main contact and demographics information for future contact. The page will be filled in based on the resume upload on page 1, but should be updated to ensure accuracy. If contact information needed to be verified, this page can be up for 20 minutes before the website will 'time-out' the applicant who is applying.  If the system 'time-out' there could be an orphan record where some information has been added but not all information and if the applicant tries to apply again he/she could be seen as a duplicate.  In this case, the applicant should contact HR for assistance in gaining access to the Self Service module.

After this page a profile is created and added to the system.  If an attempt is made to apply again using the same resume/contact information, the duplicate check  prevent the duplication of the record. Make sure that at least page 2 is completed before stopping the process (we would prefer the whole thing is finished) so an email confirmation is triggered with access to the profile.  


Page 2: Password Creation

This page allow the applicant to define his/her password.


Page 2: Standard Application Questions
These are standard questions asked by 99% of companies who utilize Cyber Recruiter.  They appear at the bottom of the contact information page. 

  1. How did you hear about our company? 
  2. If referred by a current employee, what is his/her name?
  3. What is your desired salary? 
  4. What type of position are you interested in? – Position Desired field. Will only show when information is submitted and not connected to a specific opening.
  5. There could be a 'captcha' at the bottom of the page.  If so, enter the words which appear on the page so you can continue to the remaining pages of the process. If the words are typed incorrectly, the page will refresh (with the information in tact) and provide two new words which need to be entered before moving forward.

At this point an email is triggered with the login and password for the Self Service module. The email will also include a URL back to the Self Service module.  If the process is stopped at any point, use this information to log back into the system to complete the application.

Page 3: Custom Specific Application Questions
Application Questions appear at the top of the page and are generally used to capture information which is connect to the applicant (not their individual qualifications regarding a position).  Typically companies who utilize Cyber Recruiter include the following "Custom" application questions.

  1. If hired, can you provide proof of citizenship or verification of your Legal Right to Work in the U.S.?
  2. Have you previously worked for this company?
  3. If so, when?
  4. If hired, when can you begin employment?
  5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  6. If yes, please explain.
  7. Please explain why you think you would be a good fit for our organization.
Page 3: Job Specific Questions
These questions will only show if questions have been assigned to a requisition and if the applicant chooses that individual requisition which has questions. 

Page 4: Resume
This page will show if (1) the parsing engine is activated BUT either the resume didn't parse correctly, (2) if the parsing engine is not activated, or (3) if the applicant choose not to upload a resume.

The text box will be used for resume text searching. The applicant will also have the ability to upload a formatted resume. This page is set up so the Text version of the resume is required and must be at least 50 characters (so an applicant doesn’t just type in ‘see resume attachment’).

The formatted resume is an option but is not required.

Page 5: Education 
This page captures formal education.  The page will be filled in based on the resume upload on page 1. The use the ‘Edit’ link to review the details and make adjustments where needed. Otherwise, use the ‘Add’ records option.

This page is set up to require one record be entered.

Page 6: Previous Employment
This page captures work history. The page will be filled in based on the resume upload on page. Use the ‘Edit’ link to review the details and make adjustments where needed.  If something is missing, use the 'Add' records option.  If there is a gap in employment records, click the 'Add a Gap' link to enter the dates and a reason (NOTE: this may not be an option on your site depending on system setting).

This page is set up to require one record be entered.

Page 7: Skills 
This page captures relevant skills based on key words entered in the resume. The page will be filled in based on the resume upload on page 1. Use the ‘Edit’ link to review the details and make adjustments where needed. If something is missing, use the 'Add' records option.
Page 8: Applicant Agreement
This page appears as part of the process so the company disclaimer regarding employment can be reviewed.  Confirm that the information provided is accurate.

Page 9: Personal Information (EEO/AAP)
This page is designed to capture the personal/sensitive information for EEO or AAP reporting or background check verification.  All EEO/AAP fields are voluntary (even if required).  

Page 10: Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability (EEO/AAP)
This page is provided so the applicant can self-identify a disability.  This form is a government regulated form and answering Yes or No is optional.

Page 11: Thank You
This page signifies that you are done with the application process and your profile is complete.  It is recommended that you write down your login information for the Self Service module so you can quickly access your profile and apply for additional positions.

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