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This page was updated as part of the 8.0 release.  Review the Release Notes for details on the change.

The Notes Page tracks in-depth notes and tasks for a requisition. Click Print to see all notes in a list.  Records are added to this view in one of three ways.
  1. A note is added during the requisition creation process.  Generally this will be if another section is needed for the job description.
  2. A note or task is added 'on the fly' via the To Do list.
  3. Note are added manually via the Notes page. 

Summary View

Field/Column/Option  Purpose 
Add new Record Click this link to add a new note to the requisition.
    Click this icon to edit or view the current note.
  Note Date/Author Displays the date specified as the creation date and the author of the note. 

If this note came from the requisition creation process, the date will be the creation date of the requisition and the author will be the user who created the requisition request.
Note Type The note type categorizes the notes on the page for reporting purposes.
Follow Up Date The note detail has an option to create a to-do item.  If a date is entered in this field, on that date the task will appear on the Home page as an outstanding item and the task will be present on the To-Do list for the user assigned.
Note Displays the content of the note without having to click the edit button to review the whole record.
    Click this link to remove the note from the requisition. 


Adding Notes

Upon pressing 'Add New Record' the page will prompt the user for a few key items. 

Field  Purpose  Required 
Note Type The note type categorizes the notes on the page for reporting purposes. Yes
Note Date     Defaults to today's date but can be updated if necessary. Yes
Applicant If this note is specific to an applicant, select the applicant connected to the requisition from the drop-down list.  
Note Enter in the details of the note to be stored with the requisition.

NOTE: Note templates can be established to make the creation of notes with the same wording easy and quick to add.  If note templates are already created, right-click on the note box for a list of the template available for selection.  Once selected, the content will be added to the screen and can be modified.
Email this note to... If this note should be emailed to another user of the system, highlight the user in the list.  Upon saving the note, the user will be emailed the details included with the note.  
  Include Attachment(s)    If the system is triggering an email and there are any system attachments which should be included, highlight them in the list. 

NOTE: The attachments must be part of the standard attachments before they can be attached to the email.
Follow Up Date If the system should create a future task, enter a date which will act as the Due Date. Yes
Follow-up Note Enter the details of the follow-up to be done.  This information will appear on the 'My To-Do' list.  

Editing Notes

Press the   icon to review the details behind the note. 

Field  Purpose 
Note Type Note category assigned.  This can be updated, if needed.
Note Date     Date the note was entered.  This can be updated, if needed.
Follow Up Date Date specified as the task due date.  This can be updated, if needed.
Applicant Displays the name of the applicant related to this note.
Note Note entered.  This can be updated if needed.
Emailed To Displays the names of the users who were emailed when the note was created.
Email Somebody Else Click this link to email other users the same, or updated, note.
  User List Highlight the users on the list which appears and press the Send button to trigger the email.
Attachments Displays the name of the attachments send out with the original note.

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