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Job Browsing/Description

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Page Location: Admin > Website > Career Portal
Tab: Job Browsing / Description

Three features are configured using the Job Browsing / Description tab.  The fields associated with each feature are noted below the description.  The screen print on the bottom of the page is available for reference. 

Browsing Method: Define the view which appears when applicant press the 'View Current Openings' link from the Intro page.

  • Browse Method (and edit button)
    • Select one of the four method for viewing all jobs which are currently open. 

Job Description: Define the layout of the job description.

  • Job Title View
    • Select if the Job Description, Job Code or both should be displayed
  • Social Media Icons
    • Selecting 'Yes' will show links for posting of the job to FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The icons will open the appropriate internet URL for posting of a personalized message and a link back to the job for viewers to return to the site to read more.
  • Field Options
    • Pick up to 5 fields from the Requisition which would provide additional information related to the requisition.  The fields will appears on the top of the Job Description page.
  • "What Text Should Appear..."
    • If a statement or message should appear on the top of every job description, enter it in the space provided.
  • Job Description table
    • Select which section of the requisition should appear as the Job Description (text from the Job Description page and/or the Notes page). When selecting the sections, also enter the order in which the content should be displayed and if there should be a unique message above the content and/or a headers section.
  • 'Apply Now' text
    • If desired, enter a different caption which should appear for the applicant to take action.  The wording entered will update the button on the bottom of the Job Description page.  (Join Our Team, Start Applying Now, Submit My Information, etc.)

Refer a Friend: Define the instruction page and email which is triggered when someone uses the Refer a Friend feature.

  • Refer a Friend (and edit button)
    • Turn this option on to allow a viewer of the website to send a message with the link of the job and/or job information to personal contact.  The information is not written into Cyber Recruiter.