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Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete Applicant Tasks.

This page provides a centralized location of all outstanding task / to-dos related to an applicant.  Tasks on this page can be for internal users, the applicant or team-members who are not on the Cyber Recruiter user list. Tasks/To-Dos related to a the individual currently logged into the system can be seen on the My To-Do List view. Click Print to see all tasks in a list.  Records can be added to this page a few different ways. For this overview, the focus will be on the last option. 

  1. A task is added during the New Hire Process.
  2. Tasks are added via the Task page.

Summary View

Check the box 'Show Incomplete Only' to narrow the list of tasks to only those tasks which are outstanding.

Field/Column/Option  Purpose 
Add new Record Click this link to add a new task to the applicant.
    Click this icon to edit or view the current task.
  Task Displays the task name/details.  If the task was created from a template, the name of the task will appear instead of the details.  
  Requisition Displays the requisition to which this task is related. 
Created Displays the date the task was created.
Due Displays the date the task is due.
  Assigned To Displays the name of the person who is to accomplish the task.
  Completed Will display the date the task was completed if the task is done OR will say Incomplete if the task is outstanding.
    Click this link to remove the note from the applicant. 

Adding Tasks

If a new task or group of tasks need to be added to the applicant's page, press 'Add New Record' and complete the page.

Selecting the Task will update the fields on the page.  Depending on if the task is part of a category, individual or added manually, different fields are presented and/or required.

Field  Purpose  Category Individual  Manual
Task Select "Manually Add Task" from the drop-down lists (this will be the only option if a pre-defined list of tasks has not been established. Required Required Required
If categories have been established,  select which category should be added to this applicant.  The page will refresh and list the various individual tasks which will be added upon saving the page. 

Upon pressing the save button, all tasks listed with all the predefined items (assigned to, notification, due date, etc.) will be populated for all tasks listed. 

  Individual Tasks
If one pre-defined task is needed select the specific task from the drop-down list. The page will refresh with the defaults but the defaults can be updated before saving the individual task. 

  Manually Add Task
If a task has not been created, select to Manually Add Task.  The system will allow for data entry into all the fields.

Task Detail 

This field will appear to allow the user to put in the details related to the task to complete.

NOTE: Make sure single or double quotes are not being used in the task detail. Applicants will not be able to view the message in Self-Service if using single or double quotes. ‚Äč

Lists all Tasks Assigned   Required
Requisition Select the requisition for which this requisition is related.  Only the requisition for which this applicant is connected will be listed in the drop-down. Required Required Required
Date Created The system will default the current date but it can be changed if the task should be back-dated. Required Required
Date Due Enter the date this task is due. Required Required
Assigned To Select who is responsible for this task.  This does not have to be a user of Cyber Recruiter.  Depending on the person selected the system will take the following steps.
  Recruiter This directs Cyber Recruiter to look up the user to connect requisition selected as the Recruiter and to add this task to his/her to-do list and to trigger an email with the information for the task.      
  Hiring Manager This directs Cyber Recruiter to look up the user to connect requisition selected as the Hiring Manager and to add this task to his/her to-do list and to trigger an email with the information for the task.      
  Applicant The Applicant will receive an email and this task will be on his/her home page the next time he/she logs into the Self Service module.      
    Page To Open Using the drop-down list, specify which page in the Self Service module should be "opened" in order to allow the applicant to provide additional information.  

If the page is set to not be viewed by the employee or the applicant, the page will be viewable and will only reference the page settings (View Only, Add Only or Update).  If data should be collected by the reference it is recommended that the page be set to Add Only or Update.
  External Contact Select this option if the person is not a user of Cyber Recruiter but is responsible for a task.      
    Assigned To Email Enter the email address of the person who should be notified of this task.      
  Named User Select the person from the list of Cyber Recruiter users to connect this task to his/her to-do list and to trigger an  email with the information for the task.      
Notify Upon Completion
If a user should be notified when the task is complete, select the user/role or enter in an email address.

  Optional Optional
Complete this text box to include a note with the email being triggered.

Optional Optional Optional
The second tab of the form allows for attachments to be connected to the emails which are triggered to the 'Assigned To'.  Highlight the 

Optional Optional Optional
  Attachment connected to Applicant
Highlight any attachments which should be sent to the 'Assigned To' which are already connected to the Applicant's file. (i.e. background consent form, direct deposit authorization, etc.)

  Standard Attachments
Highlight any Standard Attachments which should be included in the email.  (i.e. new hire paperwork, forms for the applicant to review and upload, etc.)


Upon pressing the Save button, tasks are added and the designated person is notified that he/she has an outstanding task. 


NOTE: The email notification when the task is complete will go back to the person who created the task AND to whoever is indicated as the person to notify.

Editing Tasks

Press the   icon to review the details behind the task.  In addition to the fields which are present in the creation process another field storing the Completion Date is listed for review purposes.

The only field which cannot be changed is the Task name.

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