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Searching for Applicants

Page Location: Applicant > Search Applicants

Access to this page is controlled by Group Security.

A few things to know about this feature

  1. You can only see your searches or searches which have been shared globally.  
  2. You can share a search by clicking the 'Share' check-box.  This will share the search with all other users in the system who can run searches.
  3. On the results page, you can export applicant data out to excel.  To specific what information is exported, click on the Fields link.
  4. You can quickly run an existing search by clicking the Run link. 
  5. You can copy a search (and modify it) by clicking on the  icon. 
  6. You can edit a search by clicking on the  icon.
  7. If the OFCCP Search Log is enabled and required, the page will not let you run the search until the requisition (or reason) is entered. 
  8. To quickly find a requisition, start typing the name or the requisition code.  The list will narrow down based on the data entered. Your selection will be saved until you select another requisition or log out of the system.
  9. Custom Criteria statements built as part of a search can be saved to a global library.  You can access the library by clicking on the Manage Custom Criteria link above the list of available searches.