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Managing Submission

Each Agent in the system will have a profile which stores jobs which are open for submission and a record of the applicants who have applied in the past.  The profile is accessed via a special website and can be embedded to the first page of the careers related website or only by a hidden URL. The page and access to them are controlled by the setup of the system so the pages mentioned here may or may not be activated in your system.

Upon logging into the Agency Portal module, the Agent will see a "Home" page.  This page can display a message to the individual which explains the purpose of this site, provide instruction on how to use it and is the main communication portal between the Agent and the users of Cyber Recruiter. 

There will be three fields on this page which are links to other page.

  1. Click here to view all of your previous submissions = Click on this link to see applicants who have been previously submitted to ANY job.  Use this page to find applicants and quickly submit them to new positions as they become available.
  2. Position Title = Click on this link to see the full job description for the position.
  3. Submissions (#) = Click on the number in this column to see the applicants submitted to this specific job. 

Summary Table

The table displayed on the Home page will display any positions currently open for submissions.  The columns will change depending on the setup defined but could include items like the Schedule (Full-time, Part-time), Open Date, Salary Range, Number of people the Agent has submitted, etc.

Previous Submission

Clicking on the link in the table or the link at the top of the page will take the Agent to a nested page displaying his/her previous submissions.  From this page, the agent will see the Applicant's Name, a copy of the resume on file, the date submitted and to which requisition. 

Press the Add link to submit the applicant to a new position.  This link will take the Agent back to the Home page view.  Pick the Job for which the person should be submitted to review the job requirements and press Submit Applicant to finish the process.

Job Description

Click the link to view the job description.  If this job description matches a potential applicant which has not been previously submitted, click Submit Applicant to start the process

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