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The transfer process using the HR-XML integration is done via a file transfer.  There is one page for each person which is completed and then a whole list of new hire information can be transferred at one time. 

Step 1: Prepare the Applicant & Verify Required Fields

Page Location: Applicant File > HT-XML Page

Once the HR-XML setup is enabled, a HR-XML Page in the Applicant File will be viewable. Find the Applicant to export - Applicants > Find Applicant.  Once the Applicant is located, use the HR-XML Page to enter data that does not already exist in the Cyber Recruiter product. Even though these fields are not required, Employee #, Hire Date, Employment Level, and Annual Salary are typically required for any HR product.  


- Employee #
- Hire Date
- Annual Salary
- Employment Level
- Manager Employee #
- Shift 

Step 2: Add Record to the Export File

Click on the red link at the bottom of the page to add this Applicant to the export file. The red indicator will change to indicate whether the applicant is on the list of applicants to be exported.  In this example, the link has been clicked.

Step 3: Generate Export File

Page Location: Applicants > HR-XML Export

After verifying and adding the Applicant to the export file, from the main menu bar select Applicants > HR-XML Export to generate the export file.

The Employee ID number is pulled from the Applicant File (Employee File) > HR-XML Page > Employee ID Field.

This table displays the Applicants who have been added to the export file via the Applicant File > HR-XML Page.  To add additional applicant to the list, press the Add button and find the Individual.  To remove Applicants from the list, check the box at the end of the Individual name click the Delete Selected button.   Checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place checkmarks or remove check marks next to everyone’s record. Everyone listed here will be included in the export file.

Click the Export button to create the export file.  Enter the name of the file in the Filename field.  Cyber Recruiter will save the last export file created. However, this file will be overwritten each time the export process is run.

Step 4: Verify Results

Correct Errors

This page which appears lists any errors that occurred during the export process.  If the error log indicates that some employees are missing information, the information for those employees should be entered and another export performed.  Click the Print link to print a report as needed t and click the Individual name to enter the file o make the necessary changes.  Re-run the export process; the export process can be run as many times as needed to obtain an error free file. 

Save File

If the error log indicates that all Applicants/Employees were Exported Successfully, right-click the indicated link and choose Save Target As to download the XML file created to the network or hard drive.  This file is then imported into HR System necessary. Click on the Return to HR-XML Export Page to finish the process.


Step 5: Prepare Export List for Next Batch

To prepare the HR-XML Export page for the next batch of new hires, checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place a checkmark next to the Applicant’s names. Then, press the Delete Selected button to remove them from this list.


Step 6: Import into HR-XML Supported Product

Using the tools available via your HR-XML supported product, browse to the file generated by Cyber Recruiter.  Import this file and verify the data for accuracy upon bringing the file into the system.

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